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At Fairway Honda, we not only pride ourselves on our Service Centre and Parts Department, but also on the help and pointers we give our customers to better understand how their Honda functions. If your vehicle is ailing or needs some TLC, it will often tell you so by flashing the corresponding warning light on your dashboard, which is why we're providing you with a guide to your Honda's warning lights below. Get better acquainted with your Honda warning lights' meaning, and you can always drop us a line for further details.

Fog Light (Front):
The fog lights are on. These are to be used when fog, mist, smoke or other conditions limit your visibility.

Washer Fluid Low:
An indication your window washer fluid is low and you need to refill.

Engine/Emissions Warning:
A potential problem may occur in your engine. Unusual symptoms may include lack of power, stuttering when pressing the accelerator, etc.

Distance Warning:
A symbol warning the driver a vehicle is approaching too quickly or the vehicle in front is too close.

Tire Pressure Low:
One of the tires is below the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) and should be filled before a blowout or flat occurs.

Lane Departure Warning:
A symbol used to warn the driver they are drifting from their lane unintentionally.

Battery/Alternator Warning:
There's something faulty in the electrical system. The alternator may not be putting out current to charge the battery.

Adaptive Lighting:
An indication the adaptive lighting is on. This setting allows the lights to adapt to the road ahead and adjust according to the steering, speed and elevation of the vehicle.

Handbrake/Brake System Warning:
This symbol could simply mean your emergency brake is on. If it doesn't go away, it could mean something is wrong with the braking system or your brake fluid is low.

Dipped Beam Headlights:
The dipped beam headlights are in use. These headlights are used to avoid directly shining in other driver's eyes.

ABS Warning:
Anti-lock Braking System. The system has been deactivated because of an error. A wheel could "lock up" and the vehicle could "go into a spin."

Low Fuel:
A warning your vehicle's fuel is low and is in need of a refill.

Windshield Defrost:
The windshield defrost mechanism is in use. This directs heat to the windshield and clears frost and condensation.

Rain Sensor:
An automatic device that controls the windshield wipers when rain is detected.

Power Steering Warning:
A problem with the steering system has occurred. The steering could become stiff or hard to maneuver.

Brake Pad Warning:
Triggered when the brake pads are worn down and only 25% remains.

Glow Plug/Diesel Pre-heat Warning:
Something is wrong with the glow plugs and is preventing the diesel to ignite.

Press Brake Pedal:
Amber means the action is needed to get out of the park position. Red means something is wrong.

Auto Windshield Wiping:
The windshield wipers are set to automatic by the driver. Used to wipe away snow, sleet or rain automatically.

Seat Belt Not On:
A symbol used to simply warn the driver to buckle up. This may be accompanied with a beeping sound until the seat belt is fastened.
Parking Assist:
A feature to assist the driver when parallel parking.

Headlight Range Control:
An automatic setting to ensure the headlights are on the best illumination for the road ahead.

Water in Fuel Filter:
A symbol advising there has been water detected in the fuel filter.

Eco Driving Indicator:
The eco driving setting is on. This is used to reduce fuel consumption and get better mileage.

Door Open:
An indication one or more doors is open.
Automatic Gearbox (Transmission) Warning:
There's something wrong with the vehicle's transmission. Check the transmission fluid level and engine coolant level.

Trunk Open:
A reminder the trunk of your vehicle is open.
Fog Light (Rear):
The rear fog lights are on. Used to make the vehicle more visible from the rear.

Direction Indicators/Turn Signals:
Lights to inform other drivers of the direction you intend to head in (left
or right).

Ignition Switch Warning:
There's a problem with the ignition switch which may be preventing your vehicle from starting.

High Beam Headlights:
The high beams are on. These lights are used in dark areas so the driver can see further ahead.

Exterior Light Fault:
An exterior light has failed and needs replacement.

Parking Brake Light:
A cautionary icon that the emergency parking park is on.

Service Required:
A simple reminder that your vehicle is due for a routine maintenance check.

Airbag Warning:
Something is wrong with the airbag and it may not deploy.
Airbag Deactivated:
An airbag has been deactivated. This could be because there is no front passenger or an infant is in a rear-facing car seat.

Temperature Warning:
The temperature in the engine is too high and may be overheating.
Hood Open:
A reminder the hood of your vehicle is open.

Oil Pressure Low:
A warning that the oil level is too low in the engine and may cause serious damage.

Stability (Traction) Control:
A safety feature to help prevent drivers from sliding or skidding on slippery roads.

*Please note not all warning symbols are universal. Check your owner's manual for more information.

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