Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

Some Valuable Spring Maintenance Tips from Fairway Honda

Canada's roughest season is now behind us, which means it's time to get your car ready for spring. The snow, slush, and salt of winter can often take a lot out of your vehicle, but luckily, Fairway Honda has both the first-rate service staff and a guide to seasonal car maintenance for customers in and around the Corner Brook, NL area. Contact us today for a service appointment or further details on how to prepare your car for the current season.

7 Tips to Prepare Your Car For Spring

Swap Out Your Winter Tires

Proper post-winter car maintenance begins with getting your tires changed. If you've driven through a Canadian winter, your tires have shouldered quite a workload, and it's time to give them a well-deserved breather with spring now upon us. Plenty of tire options abound, although all-seasons are a popular choice for warmer weather and typically perform at their best in temperatures above 7° C. Feel free to get in touch with our service department for more on which tires are best suited for a pleasant spring.

Swap Out Your Winter Tires

Tidy Up Your Vehicle

Long, trying winters often lead to a lot of build-up in your vehicle, meaning there's no time like the spring to get it back to its former glory. We recommend tossing any clutter and breaking out the vacuum and hose, then bringing your vehicle in for a wax to complete its rejuvenation.

Get Your Oil Changed and Your Fluids Checked

Clean motor oil is paramount to keeping your vehicle in top shape, and spring is a great time to get your filter changed. Neglecting your oil and its filter can lead to severe engine damage down the line, which is why we suggest getting them both tended to in accordance with your owner's manual guidelines. This season is also a good time to get the rest of your vehicle's fluids checked, be it transmission, brake, or power-steering fluid. Our service centre can tend to them at an affordable price and spare you any unwelcome expenses in the future.

Check Your Brakes

Not only are your brakes susceptible to wear and tear, but they're also vulnerable to salt and other intruders that can make their way into your wheels during the winter. If you intend to enjoy the spring with a clear head, we recommend getting your brakes looked at.

Get Your Battery Tested

Your battery is an integral component of your vehicle, but age and winter weather can take a lot out of it. If your engine takes a few seconds to start and your battery is over four years old, head over to Fairway Honda and have it tested or replaced.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Between its snowstorms, freezing rain, and heavy slush, Canadian winters can often have your windshield wipers working overtime, and with spring showers on the way, visibility isn't something to gamble on. If your wipers make an unpleasant squeaking sound as they travel across your windshield, it's time to get them replaced at our dealership's service centre.

Check Your Lighting

Salt and gravel may provide some much-needed grip during the winter, but they can also do a number on your lighting, either by cracking its casing or corroding its wiring. Our technicians can get your lights back in working order with minimal delay.

If you need help finding our Fairway Honda dealer before heading over for your service appointment, our online Directions page can show you the way. Get in touch with us today and make our service centre your go-to stop for seasonal car maintenance.