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Our phone numbers have changed. Sales (709) 634-8881 | Service (709) 800-3118 | Parts (709) 634-6781 or (709) 634-2097.

Tops Reasons for Buying a Honda Car

Tops Reasons for Buying a Honda Car

It's a common sight on our Canadian roads - a gleaming Honda cruising confidently along the highways and byways of our vast nation. Have you ever wondered why so many of your fellow Canadians gravitate toward this particular brand? Well, Fairway Honda has curated the top reasons to make your next car purchase a Honda. Buckle up, and let's journey through the Honda world!


Long-Standing Reputation for Durability

With close to 70 years under its belt, Honda has been building vehicles that don’t just function - they excel. Synonymous with endurance, you’re not just getting a car when you buy a Honda. You're making a sound investment in a vehicle known for its longevity, stellar performance, and fantastic fuel efficiency.


Affordability Coupled with High-End Features

While some may be under the misconception that affordability means compromise, Honda dispels this myth. Even the base models boast features that are usually reserved for luxury counterparts. Think Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and the coveted Honda Sensing Technologies, which includes a plethora of safety tech, ensuring you’re always in safe hands.


Resale Value That Speaks Volumes

In the automotive world, depreciation can be the silent enemy, but Honda’s vehicles consistently offer top-notch resale values. Smart drivers understand the importance of this. Investing in a car that retains its value means more money back in your pocket when it's time for your next purchase.


Versatility for Every Canadian's Need

From the bustling streets of Toronto to the rugged terrains of British Columbia, there’s a Honda for every Canadian and every lifestyle. Whether it’s the robustness of the Ridgeline, the family-friendly Odyssey, or the efficient and chic Civic, Honda caters to every requirement.


Fuel Economy That Doesn’t Skimp on Power

Let’s face it - gas prices can be unpredictable. Investing in a fuel-efficient vehicle like a Honda ensures you're prepared for whatever the pumps throw at you. And don't assume you'll be sacrificing power for efficiency. Honda has perfected the balance, making sure you’re not only saving at the pump but also enjoying every drive.


Safety First, Always

Honda’s commitment to safety is unwavering. The Honda Sensing technology, available in most models, and the unique ACE body structure are testaments to Honda’s dedication to keeping its drivers and passengers safe. Peace of mind? It comes standard with every Honda.


Canada’s Favourite, Time and Time Again

Sales figures don't lie. Honda has seen a steady increase in sales across Canada, and the iconic Civic reigns supreme, having been the best-selling car in our great nation since the 1990s. A choice favoured by many Canadians can't be wrong.


Honda Fairway: Home of Your Next Honda

The decision to choose Honda is backed by decades of trust, innovation, and excellence. From the streets of St. John’s to the winding roads of Vancouver Island, a Honda isn’t just a vehicle. It's a statement – one of intelligence, sophistication, and reliability. So, when you're ready for a drive that stands out, remember: there's a Honda waiting for you at Fairway Honda.

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