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Our phone numbers have changed. Sales (709) 634-8881 | Service (709) 800-3118 | Parts (709) 634-6781 or (709) 634-2097.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

How Often Should You Change Your Oil? 

Driving in the scenic terrains of Corner Brook, NL, requires an efficient and dependable vehicle. Regular oil changes are an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance that contributes significantly to its performance. Fairway Honda Service Centre understands the essence of an oil change for your vehicle.


Why Change Your Oil?


Oil is the lifeblood of your Honda’s engine. It lubricates, cools, and protects the engine components, reducing friction and preventing premature wear. Over time, the oil can degrade and collect impurities. This compromised oil can reduce engine efficiency and may even lead to costly repairs. Modern engines with features like auto start-stop, turbocharging, and high compression need advanced oil technology.


When to Change It?

In Corner Brook, NL, modern engines often use synthetic oil, allowing vehicles to travel 8,000 kilometres before needing an oil change. It’s thanks to advanced engine standards and improved synthetic oil quality. However, most manufacturers agree that you change your car oil every 5000 km or three months. It's always wise to consult your Honda’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s oil change suggestions. 


But, general recommendations also consider factors like driving habits and your specific location. People typically drive around 20,400 kilometres annually, so those in Corner Brook might consider oil changes twice a year, especially with the unique terrain and weather conditions. It’s a timely reminder to refresh the oil for vehicles equipped with an oil-use monitoring system.


Signs It's Time for an Oil Change


Fresh oil typically has a clear, amber hue, so if you notice that it's become dark with a gritty texture, it's likely time for an oil change. If your engine starts making louder noises or emits a knocking sound, it could indicate that the oil isn't lubricating the engine properly. Always be attentive to the dashboard. 


If the engine or oil change light comes on, it's signalling a need for attention. For Corner Brook residents and those who travel its scenic routes, the varying seasons, especially the cold NL winters, can strain vehicles. Regular oil checks and timely changes are crucial to maintaining a well-lubricated engine.


How To Change Car Oil


For essential maintenance, change your car's oil. Warm the engine on a level surface to drain the oil quickly. Use jack stands to lift the vehicle, position an oil drain pan below, and remove the drain plug. Drain the old oil, secure the plug back, and remove the old filter, discarding any leftover oil. 


Lubricate the new filter's gasket before installing it to ensure a tight fit. Fill the engine with the recommended oil, run the car to detect any leaks, and then check the oil level with the dipstick. Dispose of the old oil appropriately.


By ensuring the engine is well-lubricated, you’re not only providing smoother rides through Corner Brook's terrains, but also potentially saving on future repair costs. Choose Fairway Honda's Service Centre in Corner Brook for peace of mind for your oil change maintenance. Schedule your next appointment and let us help you maintain the excellence of your Honda.

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