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Our phone numbers have changed. Sales (709) 634-8881 | Service (709) 800-3118 | Parts (709) 634-6781 or (709) 634-2097.

Honda's Plan to Build its Own New EV in 2023

Honda's Plan to Build its Own New EV in 2023

When it comes to cutting-edge innovation and responding to global shifts, Honda is no stranger. Honda is pushing forward, taking charge, and embracing the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, right here in Canada. Let’s dive into the latest buzz surrounding Honda's electrifying ambitions.


The Arrival of Honda's New Electric Marvel

It's official. By 2025, Honda is setting the stage to introduce a brand-new EV model in North America. What makes this announcement genuinely compelling is the fact that this isn't just any electric vehicle. Unlike the 2024 Prologue, which rides on GM's EV infrastructure, this upcoming jewel will be built upon Honda's very own EV architecture. That's right; Honda is aiming to carve out its electric niche.


Beyond the Prologue: Honda's In-House Electric Dream

The specifics surrounding the upcoming EV might remain a mystery for now, with descriptions pegging it as a "mid- to large-size" automobile. Yet, the details behind the curtain suggest that we might be looking at an SUV. Perhaps even a more expansive three-row crossover that could position itself above the Prologue in Honda's electric hierarchy. 


While the design is under wraps, glimpses of Honda's Chinese EV concepts, especially the e:N lineup, give us some imaginative food for thought. Even though the e:N Architecture W, used in the Chinese market, is distinct, Honda's global vision may incorporate a sprinkle of this design essence, fine-tuning it for our North American tastes.


Honda's Evolving Electric Landscape

Considering the momentum behind Honda's EV drive, it's probable that both the Prologue and its upscale cousin, the Acura ZDX, will share the spotlight with this new Honda marvel for a significant time. The collaboration between Honda and GM isn't just a fleeting encounter. Their mutual dedication to ushering in a new electric age is evident with their joint announcement of a fresh series of electric compact SUVs, set to electrify the U.S. roads by 2027. And if that wasn't enough, Honda has also teased us with the concept of two electric sports cars, though the timeline remains elusive.


Driving Toward a Sustainable Future, the Honda Way

As the world veers towards sustainable mobility, Honda isn't merely catching up - they're gearing up to lead the charge. The automaker's vision resonates loud and clear. Honda aspires for their electric and fuel-cell vehicles to be the sole stars of the show by 2040. With set milestones, aiming for these electric wonders to constitute 40% of their sales by 2030, a whopping 80% by 2035, and achieving a full 100% by 2040, it's evident that the future of driving is electric, and Honda is leading the way, right here in our province.


To all the EV enthusiasts in our Canadian community, keep your chargers ready. With Honda's electric dreams rapidly materializing, the roads of 2025 promise to be an exciting space. Visit Fairway Honda today to reserve your piece of Honda’s electrifying future. 

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