Our phone numbers have changed. Sales (709) 634-8881 | Service (709) 800-3118 | Parts (709) 634-6781 or (709) 634-2097.

Our phone numbers have changed. Sales (709) 634-8881 | Service (709) 800-3118 | Parts (709) 634-6781 or (709) 634-2097.

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Ask Our Expert Honda Technicians

At Fairway Honda, we are your local Honda dealership in Corner Brook, New Foundland, extending our support and services to those in the surrounding areas of Hampton, Codroy, and the Northern Peninsula. You can visit our dealership to get your vehicle the necessary maintenance and repairs, allowing you to drive your daily commute and weekend trips confidently. We offer an array of services, including a professional and friendly Service Centre and Parts Centre to get you everything you need to keep up with your vehicle's maintenance and repairs.


How often should I change the oil?

You should follow your vehicle's owner's manual when performing maintenance items such as oil changes. However, if you often go on shorter trips, your engine won't have a chance to warm up to its operating temperature, making it a good idea to change the oil every three months to avoid condensation from contaminating the oil. On the other hand, you might be driving your vehicle on longer commutes, which allows you to keep the engine oil for six months or more.

How often should I rotate my tires?

You should consider rotating your tires every other oil change, but if you notice excessive wear, take your vehicle in for repairs and rotate your tires earlier to even out the wear across your tire set.

Why is the check engine light on my vehicle's dashboard?

Many issues could cause your vehicle's check engine light to illuminate, including simple issues that cause no drivability or safety concerns, such as having a loose gas cap or a malfunctioning oxygen sensor. Although you might be able to drive your vehicle with a check engine light, you will want to bring it in for a check-up promptly to avoid mishaps down the road.

How often should I change my filters?

It depends. Your engine air filter will have a different change interval than your cabin's air filter or engine oil filter. Other filters within your vehicle will require replacement to perform optimally, so check your vehicle's maintenance schedule and have an expert replace your filters to enjoy the best performance from your vehicle.

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