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So, what car will you drive away in on Graduation day?
Will it be your parents'... or yours? This is an important time of your life, whether you're graduating from high school or college or university -- either way, it's a big deal. You're about to step into a wild new chapter. A lot of big decisions are coming down the pipeline. We'd like to help make one just a bit easier.

What car should I get.
Whether it's a gift or you've been saving up for years, your first ride is a rite of passage. It's freedom and convenience wrapped in one package. It's got to be perfect.
As such, we here at Honda have put together a list of things you should be thinking about while you're buying. Ultimately it all depends on you, so take these points into consideration and then give us a call.

1. Destination.

This one's easy. Kinda.
Where would you like to go, and how would you like to get there?
If you're sticking around town, then maybe the Fit is more your style. Zippy and responsive, it's great for A to B point trips and errands. With a hatchback and magic folding seats, it's also the ideal weekend road trip vehicle.

Pack up the back then strike out wherever your heart desires.
If you think you're going to spend a little more time on the highway, then something gas efficient is best. The Civic is where it’s at. Sleek and stylish, it also boasts great fuel Economy

2. Conditions.

This relates to destination. What kind of weather do you think you'll see?
The Civic is probably one of our most popular all-around four door cars. Fast and trustworthy in a number of different conditions. It's easy to steer -- super responsive at the lightest touch, and the standard gearing will get you going lickety split. The 2016 model also features an easy to ues rearview camera for safer lane merges

3. Cargo.

Remember the Magic seats we mentioned from the FIT? Well, they are indeed pretty amazing. With a few different folding positions to accommodate whatever you happen to be carrying, whether it’s you or a bike or a whole bookshelf!

4. Pricing.

What's your budget? We'll find a way to make it work, no matter what. With a number of financing options available, we can have you driving in no time.

We don’t finance through banks or second parties. Honda takes care of their own, and when you decide to join the Honda you can benefit from our personal customer knowledge. Even if your credit isn’t great but we know you can make the payments, we’ll work hard to ensure you get approved at the best possible rates.

It would also be worth it to get yourself some extended warranty. Nobody expects (or wants) anything to go wrong, and Hondas are very well known for their reliability and durability. It’s always best to be prepared, though. Extended Warranty keeps you covered longer, and a happy driver is a carefree one who can focus on how the car will get somewhere, not whether it will.

5. Now, just pick the colour.

Remember, you're going to have this car for a long time. Colour says a lot. It's an expression of you. So, what message would you like to send while you're cruising around town?
Give it some serious though. Then, give any of our salespeople a call. 634 8881.